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We work hard for our clients to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome. Octagon Finance are in the unique position of having access to diverse wholesale lenders which means our results differ from our competitors.


Octagon Finance is a mortgage broker for all Jersey high street and private banks. Our knowledge of current lending criteria in Jersey means that borrowers will be given the most up to date information on which to base their decision.

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As a responsible lender Octagon Finance advises anybody looking to purchase a new home or upsize their current home to establish how much they can reasonably afford to borrow.

Selecting a suitable mortgage provider can be a minefield with many different options and confusing jargon. Sometimes this confusion will put customers off buying a home because they don’t have a full and clear understanding of their mortgage or how much they can afford to borrow. At Octagon Finance we aim to make this process simple and straightforward.

The criteria for Lenders varies significantly and changes daily depending on whether you are employed or self employed.

For those who are employed some lenders will require a qualifying period and for those who are self employed some lenders will include business profits in your affordability calculation. Finally, it is worth noting that all lenders treat dependents differently.

Making an appointment with Paul will enable customers to discuss a bespoke finance package with all relevant information available, based on what the current markets are able to offer. In addition, Octagon Finance will give an honest appraisal based on current and future circumstances to determine the best product for you.

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